Pattern on Cloth


Nicole DeCaria said...

I <3 this.

rikit said...

i really want to wear the pink dress

Alicia said...

Love these! Come work with me haha! Also look into to get prints on fabric.

<3 youuu

liuliu said...

Nicole Oh You like them make me so happy<3

rikit: Thank you always for commenting and giving me power!!

Alicia: Thank you for the link I will give it a try, I always want to be good as you are loverrr<3

SENA JUNG said...

liuliu! I love it! :)
i just want to buy pink bra<3
lol also clothes are AMAZING!
u nailed it hun<3
i'm so happy that u made it<3

liuliu said...

Thank you Sena!I will buy you a pic bra when I come visit you! love your picture!!

Lisa Tao said...

lovelyyyyy do more of these :D

liuliu said...

Waaao,hehee I will Taotao!

Thea Mundell said...

Wow, holy moly I would like one of each please!!